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Student Field Trip Guidelines

Safety First Label your belongings, and keep track of them. Bring the right clothes for the trip. Never distract drivers while a vehicle is in motion. Pay attention to teachers and chaperones, and follow their directions. Be on time, and stay with the group. Walk, don’t run. When we visit facilities, don’t touch anythingo images unless specifically allowed to by their staff. Do not enter a business and do not make purchases without the teacher’s permission.

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The Hazards of DEET

Why DEET Many respond to fears about West Nile Virus (WNV) and the normal annoyance of mosquito bites by slathering on the insect repellent, especially on their children. The most common choice is a DEET-based repellent. A study released in 2003 showed certain DEET-based products to be the most effective, in that they lasted longer than other products. But DEET-based repellents aren’t just hazardous to mosquitoes. From a human health point of view, choosing a botanical-based repellent can make more sense.

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