Supporters - Vision Maker Media


Vision Maker Media provided high-quality, priceless videos for our class to view. The videos were historically accurate, culturally sensitive and balanced, visually stunning, and utterly memorable. We particularly appreciated the series We Shall Remain #4: Geronimo.

Vision Maker Media exists to serve Native producers and Indian country in partnership with public television and radio. Vision Maker Media works with Native producers to develop, produce and distribute educational telecommunications programs for all media including public television and public radio.

Vision Maker Media supports training to increase the number of American Indians and Alaska Natives producing quality public broadcasting programs, which includes advocacy efforts promoting increased control and use of information technologies and the policies to support this control by American Indians and Alaska Natives.

A key strategy for this work is the development of strong partnerships with tribal nations, Indian organizations and Native communities. Reaching the general public and the global market is the ultimate goal for the dissemination of Native produced media that shares Native perspectives with the world.

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