Tree of Love

too many roads
things are changing too fast
and cowardice is everywhere
selfishness is eating up the world

who can dream a good road
and live to travel on it
who can give birth to herself
and then be her own mother
her own father

who can live in the future
and live in the present
and not go crazy

who can live among the spirits
and live among the humans
without dying

who can sleep with their own destiny
and still know the happiness
of a beautiful thing
these are the riddles of the trees

when people keep running
something keeps chasing them

In this life we have seen
how sweet sorrow can be
sometimes life appears as sad music
and we cry to the hidden angels
"we did not make this strange bed
that we have to sleep on"

We have sorrow
but sorrow is the sister of hope
and the mother of music (water the tree of love)

we are the miracles that god made
to taste the bitter fruit of time
we are precious and one day
our sufferings will turn
into the wonders of the earth
(water the tree of love)

I have heard the singing of the dead
and they tell me that life is good
and that the ocean is full of songs

life is good
live it gently and with fire
and always with hope
destiny may be our only friend
(water the tree of love)

misery once filled me
like a deep well after a heavy rain
and all over the world
thugs with fire in their brains
were pounding each other
in the weird delirium of history

and someone tapped on the door of my spirit

I may have found happiness
but it is not what I
thought it would be