Abhayagiri Monastery

Abhayagiri Monastery provides an environment in which individuals, families, guests and residents are given the opportunity to be in contact with the principles of the Buddha’s teachings and to cultivate those same qualities in their own lives. The monastery's origins are in the Thai Forest Tradition of Theravada Buddhism. We are open and respectful to all traditions that embody the central elements of the Buddha’s Path: generosity, virtue, mental cultivation, wisdom, and compassion.

With traditional monastic practice as its foundation, Abhayagiri provides an opportunity for men and women to live the forest-dwelling life of simplicity, meditation, and self-discipline, thereby supporting all to fully enter upon the Buddha’s Path to Enlightenment.

The monastery exists in many dimensions: as a dwelling place for a resident community, as a sanctuary for those who visit regularly and as a spiritual presence in the world. The goal is to serve these functions through monastic training and freely share the fruits of this practice.

At Abhayagiri's heart is a community of monks (bhikkhus), novices (sāmaṇeras), postulants (anāgārikas) and devoted lay male and female residents (upāsaka and upāsikā) pursuing a life of meditative reflection. Frequently, monastics from other branches of the global Buddhist community come and stay for periods of time.