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Algebra I

The Algebra I course begins with a fast-paced review of the previous year. The beauty, clarity, and utility of algebraic reasoning are explored through practical and not so practical challenges. We will conclude with a study of the quadratic formula, and introduce formal logical reasoning.



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History of Early America

From Native America to English colonies.


History of Revolutions, Grade 8

Causes and consequences, individuals and patterns, risks and reactions, hopes and results.


Mathematics Grade 7

The main goals of this class are, 1) a last-ditch effort to recover the sense of wonder in authentic, creative mathematical thinking after too many years of "school math" and, 2) an opening exploration of abstract, algebraic thinking and the awesome, multi-dimensional world it enables us to model with mathematical precision.


Organic Chemistry

This class is based on key insights of the Waldorf curriculum with updated information from recent scientific advances.


Woodworking Grade 5

In fifth grade, students learn to carve an egg using a professional carving knife. If time allows, they can carve an egg stand or begin another project.


Woodworking Grade 6

Project: Bowl


Woodworking Grade 7

Projects: Bird house, Canoe paddle, Bowl, Small table


Woodworking Grade 8

In eighth grade, students begin bulding functional furniture using traditional tools and techniques. They often build a threee-legged stool, a small table, or a bench. More complex use of mallots and gauges is required in these projects, as well as a greatly expending set of other tools. Mortise and tennon joints are used to join the legs to the top.