Class - English

By Ron Liskey | August 22, 2017

Grammar and Composition

We review much of the English grammar and punctuation studied in previous years. Students will develop a strong sense for style through the use of conditional sentences and the subjunctive mood. There will be an increased focus on composition and dictation in relation to our study of history, and an increased focus on precise description and sequence in relation to our study of the sciences.

Reading and Writing

To encourage a lifelong love of reading, daily opportunities for quality silent reading will be maintained throughout the year. Our Book Challenge Program continues into its third year, and increases to a goal of 40 books. Working alone and in groups, students will develop independent writing projects largely of their own choice and inspiration under the guidance of teachers and mentors.

Speech and Poetry

Our study of speech and poetry will continue with the memorization of songs, epic poems, famous speeches, and individual parts in our class play.