Papers by Hung-Hsi Wu

Excellent information on mathematics education. A colection of papers separated into two groups. The first group consists of papers that are directly related to the Common Core Mathematics Standards, and the second group contains the other papers on mathematics education. The general heading before each title ("General", "Curriculum", "Professional Development") gives a rough indication of its content.


Introduction to School Algebra

This is a set of lecture notes on introductory school algebra written for middle school teachers. It assumes a knowledge of pre-algebra as given in the Pre-Algebra Institute of 2009


What is different about the Common Core Mathematics Standards?

Compares CCMS with existing state standards on these topics. For deniteness, uses the California Standards, but the same comments can be made with "California" replaced by any state.


What is so difficult about the preparation of mathematics teachers?

Our universities do not adequately prepare mathematics teachers for their mathematical needs in the school classroom. Most teachers cannot bridge the gap between what we teach them in the undergraduate curriculum and what they teach students in schools.